Remote Talent Contribution

BitFire Remote Talent Contribution Solution

BitFire’s remote talent contribution solution allows you to broadcast live from your home, office, or any remote location with only an internet connection.

Simple to deploy and set up, our secure, broadcast-quality remote talent kit delivers a fully managed solution that’s perfect for today’s production landscape. With applications from sports, to news, to entertainment, BitFire’s remote talent solution can bring broadcast-quality contribution to wherever you are.


Key Features:

  • Small footprint, quick to set up, with simple, clearly marked cabling
    • Kits ship fully configured, tested, and ready to use
    • BitFire Network Operations Center (NOC) provides live set-up support, ensuring systems can be operational in minutes
  • PTZ Camera supports multiple HD broadcast formats, up to 1080p60 • Headsets or Lavalier Mics and IFB Earpieces
  • Multi-channel IFBs and talkback
  • Up to three video return paths
  • BitFire Transport Network provides clean broadcast-quality video, even under harsh network conditions
  • Deterministic latency allows for synchronized feeds from multiple locations
  • Ultra-fast audio communication for IFB and real-time conversation between multiple BitFire remote talent kits
  • Browser-Based PTZ camera and DMX lighting control
  • Flexible equipment deployment engineered for scale and speed
  • 24/7 support from our industry-leading Network Operations Center, with BitFire technicians and engineers offering real-time support for every production


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