Distribution & Syndication


An effective alternative to satellite and fiber distribution, the BitFire Transport Network is a reliable and easy to deploy solution for live / linear distribution. BitFire’s Transport Network makes full-time channel distribution and program syndication more cost-effective while providing greater flexibility to both content owners and distribution partners.


Key Features: 

  • BitFire Engines can receive multiple feeds simultaneously, are easily deployed and can be used on both public and private networks
  • BitFire’s Transport Network is largely built in the cloud, and is easily scaled for deployments of any size
  • The BitFire Inferno customer portal allows customers to check the status of their BitFire Engines and schedule feeds without calling the NOC
  • Content owners can create an infinite number of channels and programs, customized per destination, to maximize ad inventory and revenue
  • Can pick up and drop off content at both terrestrial and cloud-based playout services
  • 24/7 NOC support from broadcast engineers


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