Control Rooms


BitFire’s Remote Production Control Rooms are built to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of live content creation. As distributed production workflows become more prevalent, our control rooms, combined with our own transport network, provides the flexibility and scalability to deliver high-quality shows in a cost-effective manner.


Key Features:

  • Multiple sources, from multiple locations, transmitted and synchronized through the use of BitFire’s Transport Network
  • Support for fully remote productions, as well as on-site and hybrid workflows, across sports, news, entertainment or corporate events
  • Seamless integration into existing customer facilities, affording above-the-line production crew the ability to eliminate traditional travel obligations
  • Full glass-to-glass capabilities, ensuring streamlined acquisition and distribution of your content, domestically and globally
  • 24/7 access and support ensure production facilities are not limited by geographic location, and always come staffed with a dedicated broadcast EIC to help ensure your production is a success


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