Need a fully-equipped mobile unit? We've got you covered. Need the capabilities of a production truck, but don't have the space? We've got you covered too. 


Genesis Mobile Unit

BitFire's Genesis is a fully-equipped mobile unit to produce your show on-site or can be utilized with our multi-path synchronized IP video transport to enable your REMI production. Features include: 24 HD-SDI Input 2 M/E Ross Carbonite Plus Switcher, Hitachi Z-HD-6000 cameras, various graphics options and a 4-in/2-our replay system.


Production Equipment

  • Ross Carbonite Plus 2 M/E switcher
  • Blackmagic 40×40 HD-SDI router
  • 3x AJA FS2 dual-channel frame syncs
  • 3x 32” multiview monitors
  • 32” program monitor
  • 4x 19” standalone video monitors
  • Plura 217 engineering monitor
  • Newtek 3Play 425 4-in 2-out replay system
  • Ross / Abekas Tria 3-channel clip server
  • 2x AJA Ki Pro Rack Digital Recorders
  • Chyron HyperX3 (upon request)
  • Ross XPression Studio Go (upon request)


  • 5x Hitachi Z-HD6000 Cameras
  • 5x Hitachi CU-HD500 CCUs
  • 5x Hitachi RU 1000VR Remote Control Units
  • 4x Hitachi HDF-700H 7” LCD Studio Config Viewfinders
  • 2x Hitachi VF-402 ENG Viewfinders
  • 1x Fujinon 77x zoom lens
  • 1x Canon 33x zoom lenses
  • 1x Canon 20x ENG lens with 2x extender
  • 2x Canon 17x ENG lenses with 2x extender


  • Behringer X32 32-channel audio board
  • Mamba 32x16x16 Digital Audio Snake w/ mic pre’s
  • Genelec 6010 Program & Cue Monitors (Audio Room)
  • M-Audio Program Monitors (Production)
  • DBX 160A/1066/166 Compressor Limiters
  • Sports Sounds Pro Audio Clip Player
  • CD Player
  • 2x Fostex 6301BX Monitors
  • 3x Sennheiser Announcer Headsets
  • 3x Studio Technologies 210 Announcer Consoles
  • 3x EV RE50 Stick Mics
  • 3x Sony ECM77B Lav Mics
  • 3x Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Mics
  • 3x Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Mics
  • 4x Crown PCC-160 Boundary Mics


  • RTS Zeus III LE Digital 4-Wire Intercom
  • RTS KP-32 Keypanel
  • 7x RTS KP-12 Keypanels
  • 2x DSI2008 2-wire Converters
  • 6x BP-325 Beltpack stations
  • 3x IFB channels
  • JK Audio Innkeeper4 4-Channel Phone Hybrid


  • Interior Length: 24’
  • Interior Width: 8’
  • Interior Height: 6.5’
  • 100A single phase power
  • 2x 120v hots, neutral, ground
  • UPS / Power conditioners
  • 3x AC/Heat Roof Units
  • Production lighting
  • 3 production benches
  • Separate audio/video room
  • 10-person crew capacity
  • B-Unit: E350 Cargo Van


When you don't have space for a production truck, but need the capability of one.


Production Equipment

  • Ross Carbonite Black Solo 13 Input Switcher
  • Blackmagic 40×40 HD-SDI router
  • AJA FS2 dual-channel frame sync
  • 32” multiview monitor
  • 19” Ikegami QC monitor
  • Blackmagic SmartScope Duo
  • HD Video clip server
  • Gigabit network with Wi-Fi
  • Hitachi SMPTE HD Cameras


  • RTS PS-15
  • RTS MCE-325
  • 5x RTS BP-325


  • Calzone Shockmount road cases with wheels