NEWS | Sports Video Group: Ken Aagaard, Bob Sullivan Launch BitFire; Combines IP Tech, Production Services

July 13, 2020

The move towards de-centralized production, where various technical and signal transport elements for a sports production are in disparate locations, has accelerated in recent months. It’s created new opportunities for established production entities but also opened the door to some new ones. The latest entrant is BitFire, launched this month by former executives from SNEAKY BIG Studios and Ken Aagaard, longtime sports production professional and former SVG chairman.

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NEWS | Sports Business Daily: Ken Aagaard Part of New Remote Production Outfit

July 8, 2020

Longtime CBS Sports exec Ken Aagaard is part of a group of sports media vets that have launched BitFire, a company that promises to make it easier to produce sports events remotely. Under Aagaard and former TEGNA and Scripps TV exec Bob Sullivan's leadership, BitFire has already done work with outfits like Fox News, CBS Sports Network and the ACC, which will use BitFire for its annual football media day in the coming weeks. Sullivan is president & CEO of the company; Aagaard is on its board. “We’ve already got a lot of people circling us, and our press hasn’t even hit yet,” Aagaard said.

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PRESS RELEASE | BitFire Responds to New-World Demand for Professional-Grade Live IP Video Transmission for Live Contribution and Production

July 1, 2020

No one could have predicted the wide variety of new and unexpected scenarios that have come about in 2020 requiring sophisticated response, connection, and live contribution. Read here how broadcast geniuses at BitFire are leading the charge in taking live IP Video transmission and production into the future.  

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