BitFire Transport Network

BitFire's completely re-imagined transport network offers a level of service and reliability like no other.

The BitFire Transport Network was built by our broadcast engineers after using other products in the IP broadcast world. We set out to improve and fix all the things we didn't like. The goal: Create a transport network that delivers the highest reliability at the lowest latency.

The BitFire Transport Network is comprised of many points of presence across the internet and around the world,  with servers ranging from physical appliances colocated in data centers to cloud instances in geographically diverse areas. The BitFire model allows each of these locations to be leveraged on a booking-by-booking basis to optimize the route a feed takes between its source and destination.

Our innovative transport technology recovers lost data at multiple points along the way by employing a link-by-link approach to packet recovery and maintenance. Every hop along the way recovers traffic separately as it is lost, and has its own set of parameters for FEC and ARQ. So every link gets what it actually needs to be successful, instead of a compromise applied to the path as a whole.

BitFire's 24/7 NOC gives you peace of mind that you can always get a human on the phone if you need one.

Seamless broadcast transmission from start to finish.

Every single BitFire feed is intelligently custom-designed to work with the internet to provide seamless transmission of client video signals, with deterministic latency, and the highest reliability possible. Our advanced transport protocol is capable of carrying your communications and ancillary data in one stream. Our ultra fast comms over IP solution interfaces with your existing comms systems by adding one or more of our four-wire breakout boxes. Effortlessly send tally information from your at-home switcher to your remote cameras using simple contact closure. And easily acquire scoreboard data for your graphics system from major manufacturers like Daktronics and OES with no additional hardware.






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