The engine that drives the BitFire network.

The BitFire FirePower server is a compact 1RU transceiver that can encode or decode up to four HD paths and is designed to integrate seamlessly into your broadcast facility. All BitFire transmissions are perfectly in sync with each other. Add multiple FirePower servers to scale your production.

The appliances are the basic hardware units of the BitFire platform. They are available in two versions: the single-channel Transport1 and the four-channel Transport4.

How FirePower works

The entire setup process couldn’t be easier. Plug it in to power, video, and the public internet. That’s it. We take care of the rest. No static IP addresses, no special firewall rules, no complicated configurations, no extensive line qualifications. You’re ready to go in minutes, not weeks.

Housed in a 1RU chassis and containing server-grade components, the Transports are not just purpose-built boxes. Instead, they literally download and run fresh code on every booking. The result is a level of flexibility and adaptability that’s been unheard of — until now.

First, it’s an encoder and decoder. The Transport4 has four HD-SDI ports which can be independently wired as either inputs or outputs; the unit can encode or decode up to four channels of video in any combination you wish on a per-booking basis. The Transport1 can encode or decode one channel of video on a per-booking basis.

The heart of our platform is in transport, so of course the appliances function as a transmitter and receiver of proprietary BitFire Transport streams. BitFire's modular software design means that it also works with your own encoders and decoders, processing standard MPEG-TS streams for encrypted BitFire transmission over the public internet and other packet-switched networks.

Also, any BitFire Transport unit can be pressed into service at any time as a “transponder” — a distribution or repeater point in our network. Every single booking has a custom-designed path that maximizes throughput and minimizes routing delays and packet loss.

Finally, because the BitFire Transport Network is a service, all equipment is deployed at no cost to you. Yet you still get continuous online upgrades and improvements for ultimate future-proofing, and 100% coverage on service, support, maintenance, repair, and replacement. Bottom line: worrying about equipment obsolescence just became, well, obsolete.

FirePower Features

  • Zero capital expenditure required
  • Very low transport latency - as low as 200 ms in most cases
  • Integrated broadcast-quality encoders and decoders
  • Four bi-directional HD-SDI ports on the Transport4 allow any combination of simultaneous transmit and receive channels
  • Need more than four paths? Just add more appliances! All transmit channels remain in frame-accurate synchronization, even across appliances
  • First-mile friendly - Features excellent firewall traversal capabilities. No static IPs, inbound port forwarding, or extensive line qualification needed
  • Adapts to unpredictable network conditions without sacrificing image quality
  • Also works with external encoders and decoders to process MPEG transport streams for BitFire transport
  • All traffic is encrypted with the next-generation Salsa20 cypher

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