The global pandemic has thrust the world into an innovation and upgrading cycle demanding better, faster, and easier methods for live contribution and collaboration. From live sports to streamed events, from news feeds to our favorite television entertainment, we are accustomed to consuming all our viewing with flawless execution, never giving thought to the point-to-point complexities of live broadcast. The new world of social distancing has changed all that. While we have been forced toward de-centralized production, where technology and transport are coming from various locations, a heightened and more professional level of broadcast transmission and production is the only acceptable solution.


With a few stops and starts, Americans have anxiously awaited the return of our favorite sports. Every organization has been affected by the pandemic, but all are willing to get creative to satisfy our craving. CBS Sports recently turned to BitFire for its browser-based solution, FireBridge, to transmit live interviews from cancer heroes in their homes to golf announcer, Jim Nantz, during the World Golf Championships FedEx St. Jude Invitational.

Even more recently, through our partnership with Engine Shop Agency, we enjoyed bringing audiences the remote production of the 2020 NHL Gaming World Championship™. BitFire's exclusive technology enabled players from all over the world to compete and be part of the show. Players joined via FireBridge where they communicated with one another while their discrete camera and audio feeds were sent to BitFire's control room in Boston for a full broadcast production complete with EVS replay and Chyron graphics. BitFire's broadcast quality remote announcer kits were on full display as announcers Arda Ocal and Andrew "Nasher" Telfer communicated with each other and the producers, in near real-time, calling the action from their homes hundreds of miles away from the control room. The entire production was in synch through the use of our browser-based matrix intercom system with multi-viewer, connecting the onsite tech team with remote members of the production team delivering unparalleled quality and performance. 


We’ve all experienced it. Our favorite reporter at the station cues up for the on-location live shot, and the feed is either compromised or it drops altogether. The reputation of networks and local news outlets is on the line when free technologies fall short. Through our FireBridge technology, we can connect the news broadcast operation with any live guest, providing reliable, low latency, professional broadcast quality at a fraction of the cost of satellite, fiber optics, or bonded cellular.


Record-breaking viewership has proven that watching our favorite programming is an essential reprieve and pastime during the pandemic. Nobody could predict that six months into this, programming would still be limited to reruns. We are changing that. By utilizing our BitFire Transport Network, we provide our nationally syndicated, original program clients with reliability and consistency for live guests, and pre-produced segment production or backhaul transmission of their completed programs. Case in point is the wildly popular reality court show, Judge Jerry. Through our Transport Network and our partnership with NBC Entertainment, we are seamlessly transporting courtroom drama from Judge Jerry’s living room to televisions in homes all throughout the country. 

Conferences & Events

While the pandemic has slowed our economy – some industries nearly coming to a halt, there are businesses that continue to rely on conferences and corporate events to connect with their audiences in order to survive. With hundreds of audience members participating (and typically paying,) companies and event planners cannot leave the quality of production to chance. BitFire is a full service, real-time event production partner for every need, including turnkey pre- and live-event production, pre-taping of speakers, post-production editing, and event-day broadcast and support. Brands rise and fall in the spotlight of large audiences. A compromised event experience is not an option. 


Higher education is a tremendous commitment and investment for parents and students in the best of times. As college campuses wait, watch, and consider if they can continue with in-person learning, we have created quality solutions that bridge the distance-learning gap. We provide real-time, virtual education and learning environments so students can focus on their studies rather than be distracted by shotty technology. Our BitFire Transport Network can extend the classroom or special event to an off-campus audience. We also can bring special guests to the classroom or lecture hall with high-quality broadcast for a high-quality education.

As the world has evolved, professional-grade broadcast technology is needed now more than ever. As broadcast legend and BitFire board member, Ken Aagaard, summed up our times, “There is an urgency for innovation and smart technology that has the capability to keep us connected in a more sophisticated fashion than any other time in history. No one could have predicted the wide variety of new and unexpected scenarios have come about due to this pandemic. In the end we just have to prove it and show we can do it and do production in a way that is consistent, affordable, flexible, and managed.”