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BitFire is an end-to-end live video transmission and production solution built by broadcasters for broadcast solutions. With headquarters in Phoenix and Boston, BitFire was created in response to new-world demand for an agile, professional-grade, live IP video transport experience, and expert remote production services. BitFire was formed from the genius collaboration of renowned national broadcast veterans, Ken Aagaard, Bob Sullivan, Jim Akimchuk, and Ben Grafchik, along with successful manufacturing and transport business owner and strategist, Timothy W. Sullivan.

BitFire’s comprehensive platform includes the BitFire Transport Network, a fully managed portal that provides point-to-point delivery of broadcast-quality video to wherever it needs to go. The BitFire Transport Network can be accessed by either browser-based FireBridge, when broadcast is needed for one-to-one or one-to-many live contribution and collaboration, or through the FirePower, a stackable HD server and authentic configuration that receives and delivers video packets with deterministic latency and frame-accurate synchronization.

BitFire production services are provided by a team of broadcast experts, along with production trucks and additional assets, including remote production control rooms (REMI), camera packages, and live production and post- production capabilities. BitFire is taking live video from where it is, to where it needs to be.

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